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Note from the Publisher:


Who really wrote "fuck, YES!"  Several well-known, popular authors have been named.  We have deleted the names of those authors in the reviews below.


The truth is that "fuck, YES!" was written by an unknown writer.  This is the only book he's ever written.  We are pleased to have been able to publish it. The following reviews were posted on




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A Lot of Fun About Nothing


This book should be enjoyed for what it is; the secret of life. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag everyone will be rushing to buy this out-of-print gem. But, no need to worry, it can be found in many fine used bookstores. It is a fun read, along with some profound insights hidden amongst the clarinet playing. And yes, YES works.


Read it, Re-read it, and Will Probably Read it Again


I read this book once years ago and could not put it down. I found it in a an old box of books the other day and re-read it, and again could not put it down. This is truly the most fun book I have ever read. It's a great theory, and even better when you live it through the characters in the book. This is one book I would recommend to anybody looking to lighten up!


In Your Face Truth


This book is so true you will find yourself at a peaceful silence, if you are not laughing out loud! Too bad it is not a true story. I can't believe someone can come up with such real accounts of human behavior without having experienced it firsthand! I am assuming some of it was lived. The psychology of thought and life's reaction to attitudes is thrown at you with amazing precision. I am enjoying the read and am in no way insulted by his use of language as it is as real as real life can be. Thank you whomever truly wrote this book! I am grateful for your insight and will pass this book along.




One of the few books, I've had the pleasure to read twice; the second time, I read the two hundred some-odd pages aloud in their entirety to my girlfriend. Changed the way I think about everyday life without my realizing it. Master Fing delves into the practical definition of the simple word, the "eternally slippery" word, Yes. As with the Yin having a complimentary Yang, Yes also has an opposing, but necessary, antagonist: Fuck. The etymology of the word Fuck reveals an unavoidable "downside" to the grand scheme, which, in turn is balanced out by the eternally slippery holy word Yes. In particular, some memorable chapters include: Say Yes To Higher Education; Say Yes To Your Children; Say Yes To Vegetables; and of course, Fuck, a Family Tree. (or something like that).


Incredibly Exquisite, Superb and Great, Nothing but Optimism


This book is for every single person, as said in the book, Rev. Wing speaks every ones language. his outlook on life through the eyes of Yes, are incredible, the most remarkable book I have ever read, saying Yes to things helped me so much, it also helped the thirty people I bought the book for. This book is far from only applying yes to everything, but also entertaining and fun, from clarinets, to zucchini and cantaloupe, to a gay bar and self-cleaning ash trays. Phenomenal book.


Text-book Psych and Philosophy Disguised in a Vulgar Novel


I picked up "Yes" out of recommendation from one of my friend who, unfortunately, lost his copy. I have managed to pick up a used copy years later.

"Yes" does have a certain graphic aspect, which will turn off most people, citing it as immoral. The joy of reading it, however, comes from the depth in which the Reverend depicts his characters. It is not very difficult to see, that each character symbolizes a certain philosophical psychological principle. The three sisters, for instance, make an uncanny resemblance of Sigmund Freud's id, ego, and superego. Without giving too much details, one of them went missing.


This is not to say, that the characters in "Yes" are one-dimensional. Their interactions, and the plots that go with them, are much more engaging, and self-evolving, than what the title would lead the reader to believe. Of course, one can easily get off with the rudimentary humour, but it is the layering of the plot, characters, and symbolism that gives "Yes" a definite appeal. 

While I highly doubt the events in the novel actually took place, it is a very enjoyable read, as long as you keep an open mind.


This Book is Sweet


It overdoes the whole "message" the book puts forth, so reading the second half of it won't compare to how good reading the first half is, but all in all I love it. I'd give it 5 stars if the last 100 pages was just cut off, which would leave a little for the imagination as well.


Tongue in Cheek? Or the True Way?


This is either a great satire, a thoroughly enjoyable read, or the Holy Instrument of the True Light. Or, all three. Only those of us who can accept the crass vulgarity of the first Word as well as the Unifying Inclusion of the Second Word will find out. Bless you, Noble Freaks.


Unexpected Brainblow


It is so enjoyable to read the words of a freak who revels in his freakishness so shinily. There are sublime moments in this book- like the one where he first meets his eight-foot disciple, the first one of Master Fing's. He almost gets his ass kicked in a gay bar on the beach when he gets his lightning bolt of understanding for the FUCK YES philosophy. A shattering moment in this novel of important disorderly optimism....


Hysterical and Fun


This is one fun read. An entire work that is complete fiction: from the editor's note to the book order form. I appreciated the unrelenting jabs at so-called self-help books. The characters are hysterical and the perspective they provide on the life of their leader, Master Wing, contrasted with Wing's perspective of them set the tone for an engaging and uproarious tale. Is there anything to learn from this book? Yeah, sheep can make great friends.


Fuck Yes! It's a Good Book


The author Wing Fu Fing should be congratulated on his insight into the old and stuffy "self-help" novel. Using his totally unique approach the reader will find progress every day, moving towards a very positive outlook on the worst situation. Loosely based on Einstein's theory of relativity everything in the readers world can become positive through the practice of "yes". A definite learning and laughing experience for everyone!


Some People Just Don't Get It...


A beautiful, funny book. If the title appeals to you, just buy it.


Great Book!


This was a really enjoyable book to read. Highly recommend it. Creative and I liked the life advice that's stuck in funny ways... it was still really awesome and totally worth the time.


A Conversation Starter


I read this book 10 years ago and glad I tracked down an out of print version. It continually entertains and is one of the books I send to elite friends of mine so they to may chuckle.


Excellent Satire


This book is absolutely great .... The guy who wrote the bad review has his jock on too tight and a head full fuck no.


Promising, but Ultimately Silly


This book seemed to hold much promise when I first picked it up. The title, the mystery of the real author, and the premise... Ah, yes...the premise, that one can just let go of everything and just say yes to whatever drifts through the transom...but the main character largely doesn't do that throughout the book. He resists some of the things that are happening. It would have been much more interesting if he had said yes to everything, and what that would lead to. Ultimately, a silly book and an entertaining read, but it missed the chance for true cult-like status.


Is This a Good Book? Do You Know the Answer?


The answer to life's every question is in this book. The word has been spoken. Lamb-burger, anyone?


Change the Title so More People Will Buy The Book


A delightfully silly little book this one is. It is a bit juvenile, but does fulfill on its promise to shock the reader into a new appreciation of what's really important in life. Also, the origin of the F-Word is interesting (if it is historically correct, I'm not sure because the book was Sooo out there).

Disappointment Yes!

I was disappointed in this story, no self help, no real story a very disjointed group of sentences.

Though I must admit I did enjoy the characters!

If You Can Get a Copy, and You're Not Easily Offended...
Get One

I looked for this book for years, it'd been out of print for a while. A thoroughly entertaining book - imagine if you set yourself a rule go live by, which said you were forbidden from saying no to anything. Imagine where that might take you. This book goes down that path in a funny yet thought provoking way.

Chapters Required Reading

Several of the chapters should be required reading in college. Though IMO the book falls short in the ending, and the characters are not really vivid, the story is interesting.

Funny and Deep

Was a bit interesting and different, but not so much so that I picked it up again after I put it Down. Can see why some really like it.

Great Book

I read it a long time ago and decided to read it again. I purchased it new in the book store when it first came out bought it for its name and wing fings phd, dds, md etc... funny story behind that. It's written by his body guard and best friend in the end ull want to seek him out hidden some where in the mountains and join his cult.

Original in its Hilarity

Hilarious!! I loved it. Never read anything quite like it. I don't usually go for fiction, but the wacky humor in this one won me over. Warning: not for the meek or easily offended.

Brilliant Precursor to Yes Man Movie

I found this book about 20 years ago and it was a revelation. I was a young seeker, taking myself way too seriously. This was the perfect antidote. It's a great story - super zany - filled with situations too wild to be made up. I think the author has lived this story, or met the characters in his own life. There's an authenticity to it which feels true, however twisted it may be. Over the years I've read it probably eight times or so. Good fun from start to finish. I always thought it would make a great movie ...

And I just saw 'Yes Man' with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. It is not a film of the book, so don't be confused. But it is about a man who has a life-changing moment in which he decides to say yes to everything that comes his way. And, as you can imagine, his life changes radically.

I wonder if there was some cross pollination there ?

This book is hard to find - I've loaned out my copy over the years, always with the strict imperative to return it to me or suffer dire consequences. And here it is on Amazon, just a click away. Do yourself a favor !

Great Book!

This was a really enjoyable book to read. Highly recommend it. Creative and I liked the life advice that's stuck in funny ways. I really like Christopher Moore books, too, and this was enjoyable in that same way in that it's silly, but also obviously thought-about. I have to say I liked Fluke and Lamb more than this book, but it was still really awesome and totally worth the time.


A Good Read, and Re-Read

This is one of those kind of silly but zen-master honest books all spiritual seekers should check out at least once.


Let's get one thing straight ... I'm not offended by the four letter word/s ... I just thought the book was rather dumb and not really worth my time. I only read it for about 15 minutes ... that was a waste of 900 seconds of my life. Whatever!