shepherd books LLC

The Congregation

Welcome to Wing Fing's

Holy Church of the Slippery Word

Even when Astoria told you something, it was difficult 
to tell what she was really thinking.

Bruno Megasavitch was both huge and terribly creative.

Alice Angsterlobe told Wing, "You can make me do anything, you dirty dog."

Wing on his way to work.

Sunday services at the Holy Church of the Slippery Word.

The Harvester Sisters.
Minnie is still missing.

Our lives quite confused Muggs so he continually
ate books and magazines in an effort 
to understand human behavior.

Norleen Winkowski: "Competition is absolutely 
basic to human nature." 

She was far too tough for Wing, but very helpful in the end.

Spagnoff's Woody.

Wing got to Wyoming the hard way.

The Yessers at sunset.