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A man discovered the ultimate answer for gaining success and love. He became charged with positive energy. Strange, interesting and beautiful people became his followers. He led them on mind-boggling adventures which gave them all happier, sexier, richer lives. His discovery can be yours, if you want it. It's all right here, waiting for you between the covers.

"fuck, YES!"    Chapter Titles

Yes is the Key

Yes, and Only Yes

Discover Yes

Say Yes to Teenage Sex

Say Yes to Higher Education

Yes is Easy

The Homosexual Yes

Say Yes to Adultery

Say Yes to Yourself

Is Yes Safe?

Before You Read the Rest

The Message of Yes

Say Yes to Bruno Megasavitch

Everyone Shall Be Free

The Mature Yes

Yes is Profitable

Chester Grooch & the Orchestra

God is Our Father

Yes at the Office

Say Yes to the Dogs of War, Part I

The Gift that Goes on Giving

Minnie Harvester's Letter

Say Yes to Vegetables

Is Yes Enough?

Say Yes to Dogs of War, Part II

The Forgiving Yes

A Good Thing

The Rock and the Butterfly

Let's Drink to Yes

The Verb: To Fuck

The Banning of Fuck

Say Yes to Confusion

Fuck's Family Tree

Confusion Vanishes

Working Your Way Back

Amazing Space

One Thing Leads to Another

Live On